Forensic & IAQ Environmental Laboratory Supply Links

Forensic & IAQ Environmental Laboratory Supply Links


Indoor Air Quality / IAQ

Dylos AQI / Mass Converter Link

Air Purifier Reviews




Chemistry & Lab Equipment

Lab on the Cheap – Inexpensive Biohacking

Spectrum Scientifics

Studica Robotics – fischertechnik Education Robotics & Electropneumatics

Frey Scientific (Chemicals) for Schools

Valley Solvents Fort Worth

Fireworks – (The Science / Chemistry of)

Science Company Chemicals – Metal Patinas

Metal Patinas Supply

Safety Emporium Glassware

Supply My Lab  (glassware adapters)

SupplyMyLab – Threaded Microscale Connecting Adapters to Glass Joints

SupplyMyLab 24/40 to Microscale Adapter with 13-425 GPI Finish Part # 747130-1324

Kemtech America Synthware Reducing Adapters

(Reducing Adapter for Hickman #  A201424 – Top Joint: ST 14/20 Outer, Bottom Joint: ST 24/40 Inner)   (must ship business address – Gray Painting Inc.)

Dougs Lab Chemistry Videos

Kimble Chase Microscale Parts

Kimble Chase – Microscale to 24/40 Glass Adapter with 13-425 GPI Finish

Neobits – Hickman Still Head 14/10

eBay Hickman Still

AceGlass Reducing 14/10 to 24/40

(look under Product Family 5000 Adapter Reducing series)


MICROSCOPY    Microscope Slides – Disease Causing Bacteria (also chemicals / labware restricted)     (3 W LED Quintuple 22mm)     Metallurgical Objectives



Different Size, Shape and Arrangement of Bacterial Cells    Nutrition