ScanTech was started as a specialized technical consulting service over 20 years ago in 2002 and has been conducting EMF / EMI / RF / Radon / Radiation and other environmental and radiation surveys / consultations / inspections for thousands of highly satisfied homeowners and businesses including many Fortune 500 corporations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and beyond.
Joel-Anthony Gray  CIH, CSP, BSEE, CHMM, MAC    214.912.4691
ScanTech Technical Consulting
ScanTech has extensive experience in radon gas and radiation testing with a ARP (AARST Radon Professional) Measurement Professional with Multi-Family Multifamily Measurement Certificate designation, a certificate in X-Ray Safety and has an ongoing education in medical geology, biophysics, environmental chemistry, nanotoxicology bio-nanotechnology, and industrial hygiene.



In conjunction with receiving a recent degree in Electrical Engineering and ongoing education, Joel-Anthony Gray has over 35 years of hands on technical experience in the fields of computer repair, information technology, networking, audio/video equipment, photography, electronics, electromechanical control systems, automotive mechanics, wireless networks, telecom, biomedical technology, chemistry, materials science, electron / optical microscopy, plasma physics, radiation measurement, ultra-high vacuum systems and nanotechnology including semiconductor fabrication and characterization.

His broad technical background and expert troubleshooting ability in a variety of fields enables him to find relevant insights and offer fresh perspectives in order to solve difficult problems quickly and cost effectively.

ScanTech Technical Consulting located in Dallas, Texas specializes in EMF testing (Electromagnetic Field) for biomedical implant surveys, (Medtronics, Boston Scientific, St. Jude / Abbott Laboratories, Mortara, Nevro, etc.) power line safety inspections and Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ) including mold, toxin / allergen and formaldehyde / VOC evaluations, radon gas, nuclear radiation, sound, noise & photometric surveys for commercial customers in the Dallas – Houston – Austin – Fort Worth – San Antonio – Amarillo – Lubbock regions as well as all over the United States and worldwide with respect to health / safety concerns and equipment interference or production stoppage issues.

Joel Gray is a certified Instrumentation and Radio Technician with a degree in Electronic Telecommunications; and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors at the University of Texas at Dallas with a Minor in Nanotechnology. Completed coursework has included intensive classes in Electromagnetics, RF Design, Communication Systems and Signals & Systems and he has had extensive experience in troubleshooting a broad variety of technical problems, particularly EMI / RF interference issues with industrial and biomedical equipment.

He is also an official member of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and has nearly completed a second engineering degree (Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering) along with pursuing his Professional Engineering license.

Accredited and licensed as a Mold Assessment Consultant with the State of Texas.
He has also attended an official course for Radiation Safety Officers offered by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), and recently completed advanced courses in Biology, Organic Chemistry, Engineering Physiology of the Human Body, Microbiology, Biomaterials and Medical Devices so as to better understand the effects of pathogens, toxins, biochemical reactions, radiation and other environmental factors at the physiological, cellular and bio-molecular levels. In addition, he has a background in commercial construction which is often useful for understanding building science issues.

He has been testing radon gas and radiation for over 16 years and blogs regularly on the subject and dangers of radon (and other indoor air quality pollutants) at:



Pacemaker, ICD, cardiac / heart device, Biomedical Implant Electromagnetic Interference EMI Surveys for manufacturer compliance, Cell Tower Strength & Reception Surveys (3G, 4G, LTE, PCS, AWS), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Consulting, Geomagnetic, OSHA Noise Level Testing, Sound Level & Lighting Compliance, EMI issues and Radiation / Radioactive Material Investigations with X-Ray Safety Certification and Radiation Safety Officer training.