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Pacemaker / Biomedical Implant Electromagnetic Interference EMI Sources & Issues

While pacemakers and other biomedical implants and implantable devices are somewhat more resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) than in previous generations, there are also more sources of potential EMI from new technologies such as...

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EMF Testing and Pacemakers regarding RF Radio Frequency Radiation Effects on Pacemakers and other CRM Devices: A Consulting Case Study

My employee has a pacemaker – is it safe for him / her / them to return to work around certain EMF and electromagnetic radiation sources? This post about how technical and difficult it...

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EMF Biomedical Implant Surveys Indoor Air Quality Radon Gas Testing: 214.912.4691 Dallas – Houston – Austin – San Antonio – Fort Worth

* We are an Essential Industrial Health & Safety Business and still Operating Normally – Fully C19 Vaccinated * ScanTech does not perform residential testing for homeowners and tenants – all services are COMMERCIAL...