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EMF / EMI Testing / Magnetic Field Survey & Safe Distance Measurement Services in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

EMF and Electromagnetic Interference testing for Ann Arbor Michigan businesses and commercial client properties near high voltage powerlines and feeders is available for commercial clients  We also provide consultation on viable strategies and products for EMF protection and shielding if applicable.

Pacemaker & Implanted Biomedical Device EMF / EMI Testing and Compliance Surveys for Employee / Patient Safety in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

In the Ann Arbor Michigan area we offer pacemaker and Medical Device Compliance Testing (Pacemakers, Implantable Defibrillators, ICD’s etc. – Medtronics, St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific, etc.) for employees looking to return to work after implant surgery to identify potential hazards from AC/DC Magnetic and Electric Fields, Microwaves, RF and general EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Medical Device / Medical Imaging EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Testing for safety compliance specs (Pacemakers, ICDs, Implantable Defibrillators, PA Pulmonary Artery HF Sensors, Spinal Cord, Neural and Neuromodulation Implants, SCS, SNS, VNS, EKG, ECG, EEG, EMG, ambulatory Holter Units, insulin infusion pumps and other diagnostic biomedical equipment issues with MRI and ultrasound imaging.

RF (Radio Frequency) Testing, Risk Assessment Surveys and Evaluations – Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

We test RF energy for frequency and amplitude in the Ann Arbor Michigan area in order to find sources and evaluate safety with respect to FCC regulatory, compliance and precautionary guidelines, and to determine potential interference issues between wireless routers, cell phone repeaters / boosters, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, and wireless microphone / audio / video data systems.

Magnetic / Electric / RF & EMF / EMI Shielding Consultations including proper grounding in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

If you have an issue in the Ann Arbor Michigan area with electromagnetic field energy that is either a potential safety issue due to biomedical implants / pacemakers, etc. or causes equipment interference such as in medical imaging, we are fully qualified to assess, troubleshoot and make sound recommendations to fix or mitigate the situation.

EMF / EMI Testing for Electrical Wiring Issues Indicated by Excessive EMF Fields (Residential Service Discontinued) in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

Whether you believe in the health & safety hazards of EMF or not, the most common source of high EMF fields is improper wiring which fails to conform to current NEC code. ScanTech can detect and direct repairs on electrical wiring that manifests as an abnormal magnetic field.

Preliminary Construction Surveys / Property Transfer Phase I Environmental Site Due Diligence Survey testing regarding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – EMF Consultation for Safety and potential EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) in Commercial Buildings and manufacturing facilities in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

We are often called out to site before a structure or complex is erected in order to survey and communicate any possible issues and the potential impact of nearby power lines, substations, switchgear rooms, DC rectifiers, transformers, cell towers and other EMF / EMI / RF generating sources. We also make construction recommendations for minimizing electromagnetic field emissions for safety and electromagnetic Interference concerns with sensitive manufacturing and research equipment.

Magnetized & Nuclear Radiation Contaminated Metals, Stone and Imported Products in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

ScanTech has been in the radiation survey business for over 15 years and is routinely called upon to investigate cases of suspected radioactive contamination and magnetized ferrous metals which can cause unusual issues. We serve the Ann Arbor Michigan area and our instrumentation includes several Geiger counters with capable of detecting Alpha and Beta particle emissions, X-Rays and includes specialized Gamma radiation scintillation detectors. Radioactivity testing for scrap metal or other suspected products.

Weak Cell Phone Signal Reception Issues & Wireless LAN Problems / RFID Interference in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

Weak Cellular Phone (including 2G / 3G / 4G LTE / 5G) & Wireless Strength Measurements with consulting in the Ann Arbor Michigan area for correction / mitigation in commercial buildings, residential and multifamily properties with poor coverage, slow data rates and dropped calls for all major telecom and communications carriers including Sprint / T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T for smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. RFID Radio Frequency Identification system troubleshooting and interference issues investigated. We also perform FCC RF Compliance surveys for MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) including rooftop antenna installations.

Hospital and Medical Facility Infant Anti-Abduction Security Systems in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

ScanTech troubleshoots RFID integrated systems designed to protect neonatal care facilities in the Ann Arbor Michigan area that employ systems such as Hugs by Stanley Healthcare and MyChild by McRoberts Security Technologies.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing, Consulting And Evaluation for Commercial, Industrial and Biomedical Companies / Applications / Clients in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

Serving the in the Ann Arbor Michigan area we have the equipment to determine the sheet resistance of ESD flooring material and if anti-static grounding is working as well as the ability to identify troublesome materials and processes which can cause equipment malfunction and electric shock / fire / explosion hazards. We can also measure relative air ion counts, humidity and the direct DC static voltage on surfaces (positive or negative) up to 30,000 V to determine which objects in the environment may be damaging your static sensitive equipment.



EMF EMI testing voltage noise frequency spectrum

OSHA Sound / Noise Level Surveys for Safety Audits

Sound (Commercial) & Industrial Safety field surveys and measurement including for acoustic OSHA sound and STC (Sound Transmission Class) noise levels / ordinances / testing (meeting ANSI & IEC Type 2 standards) to determine compliance and evaluate potential issues with excessive or disruptive noise.

Nanotoxicology Safety Consulting

New nanomaterials on the market have raised concerns about the potential toxic effects of nanoparticles (such as carbon nanotubes, titanium dioxide, silver NPs, etc.) in particulate, aerosol, aqueous forms and their in-vivo effects.

Metamaterial composite research for nanotechnology, biomedical, and exotic applications. (graphene, nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, nanodiamond, etc.) Commercial, industrial, occupational health and research applications.


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