Commercial Radon Gas Testing – Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection by ScanTech Technical Consulting * We are an Essential Industrial Health & Bio-Safety Business

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  1. Dan Merkler says:

    I would like to introduce myself as the owner of the two last Metroplex territories for Restoration 1, scheduled to open the first week of August.

    I’m sure that I will need the services of an IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional) and thought I’d send you my contact information.

    Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Dan Merkler
    Restoration 1 of Denton & Frisco

  2. admin says:

    Mr. Dan Merkler,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us!

    Also I am introducing Mr. David Null of IAQ Solutions as he is the only professional duct cleaner in this region that I trust in his knowledge and honesty.

    David Null

    Again, I only do commercial indoor air quality, mold and radon (not residential at the homeowner level) but David still serves both sectors as of this writing.

    Best Regards,

    JAG of ScanTech Technical Consulting

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