Category: Suspended Respirable Particles & Dust – Relevance to Indoor Air Quality Testing

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Indoor Air Quality Testing of Fine (PM2.5) and UltraFine Particles – Why Smaller Particles = Unsafe and Hazardous

It isn’t necessarily the dust you can see that can cause the most severe health issues, it is microscopic dust that is smaller than the eye can resolve that is now linked to a...

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Biological Contaminants & Poor Indoor Air Quality: Allergens, Bacteria, Mites, Viruses

A number of diseases and illnesses can be traced to environmental factors related to poor indoor air quality. Common allergies (which are medically referred to as Chronic Allergic Rhinitis) are caused by exposures to...

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Mercury in CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) – How Much of a Toxic Health Hazard?

I recently had a concerned homeowner in the Dallas area contact me regarding toxic chemical exposure, specifically mercury testing in the home as she was concerned about the previous owner possibly having dropped and...