Joel-Anthony Gray:  EMF / EMI Environmental / Biomedical Consulting Detective at ScanTech Technical Consulting based in the Greater Dallas – Fort Worth Area with service to Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, Amarillo & other major cities throughout the U.S. and International / Worldwide



EMF EMI IAQ Specialist Detective

Joel-Anthony Gray  CIH, CSP, BSEE, CHMM, MAC    214.912.4691
ScanTech Technical Consulting

Expert Troubleshooter / Consulting Detective in EMF, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and the Epidemiology of Bioelectromagnetics with over 20 years experience conducting thousands of surveys for commercial & residential clients borrowing from a variety of interdisciplinary fields including electronic repair, RF telecommunications, automotive mechanical & electrical, radio & instrumentation repair, nanotechnology, etc.


Education, Accreditation & Degrees

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering / Nanoscience Technology Concentration with Honors – University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
  • B.S. Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering (pending) – UTD
  • Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene – Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
  • A.S. Electronic Telecommunications – Eastfield College DCCCD


Environmental & Consulting Firm Associations
  • DeepBench MIT Consulting
  • A.C. Associate Consultant for AEI Consultants | Environmental & Engineering Services
  • P.A. Partner Associate for Partner Engineering & Science Inc.
Certifications – State & National
  • CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) # 12082 CP  ABIH / BGC – American Board of Industrial Hygiene / Board of Global Credentialing
  • CSP (Certified Safety Professional)  # CSP-40131 BCSP – ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) & Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • CHHM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) # 29984 (Institute of Hazardous Materials Management)
  • Certified Radio & Instrumentation Technician – Delphi
  • MAC (Mold Assessment Consultant) Texas Dept. of Health License # MAC1387
  • Former AARST-NRPP Nationally Certified Radon Residential Measurement Provider ID # 108991 RT
  • Former ARP (AARST Radon Professional) Measurement Professional with Multi-Family Measurement Certificate
  • BOSIET CAEBS 5750 (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training) ID # 94305750140819871261
  • ExxonMobil Offshore Pass (Sea Survival – HUET – Firefighting) # 08191341

Environmental Health Safety BCG CIH Credentialing     ABIH CIH Occupational Safety  Certified Safety Professional - CSP    Tulane School of Tropical Medicine       IHMM CHMM Certified Hazardous Materials Manager


Why a CIH Certification is important: (from the ABIH / BCG website at    )

A Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) is an individual who has met the minimum requirements for education and experience, and through examination, has demonstrated a minimum level of knowledge and skills in the following rubric (subject matter) areas:

  • Air Sampling & Instrumentation
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Basic Science
  • Biohazards
  • Biostatistics & Epidemiology
  • Community Exposure
  • Engineering Controls/Ventilation
  • Ergonomics
  • Health Risk Analysis & Hazard Communication
  • IH Program Management
  • Noise
  • Non-Engineering Controls
  • Radiation – Ionizing and Non-ionizing
  • Thermal Stressors
  • Toxicology
  • Work Environments & Industrial Processes


CSP Accreditation Link

CSP: Certified Safety Professional Badge


What is the meaning of being a CHMM with respect to being an officially certified Environmental Professional?

The IHMM CHMM is an Environmental Professional under Federal 40 CFR § 312.10 Definitions

Under federal regulation 40 CFR § 312.10 Definitions, the US EPA constructed an objective standard for evaluating private certifications against the elements of what is defined as an “Environmental Professional.”  IHMM provides this crosswalk between the contents of the CHMM credential and the elements of the definition of an Environmental Professional under 40 CFR § 312.10 Definitions, in which the CHMM with 5 or more years of experience either meets or exceeds the regulatory definition.

EMF EMI Survey Biomedical Consultant

Joel Gray EMF EMI Environmental Biomedical Consultant CV May 2021 PDF