EMI Surveys Dallas, Houston, Austin: EMI / EMC Testing & Consulting

EMF Electromagnetic Field Surveys: EMI / EMC Testing & Consulting: Dallas, Houston, Austin, USA

ScanTech has performed thousands of EMF Surveys and consulting over the past 20 years for a variety of commercial / industrial clients and concerns including potential EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) issues with biomedical implants, equipment and other control infrastructure.

What is an EMF Survey /  Electromagnetic Field Testing?

It is a detailed survey of the electromagnetic sources and EMF fields of potential influence in a given room, building or other area of interest. The purpose of an electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic field (EMF) survey is to assess exposures to time-varying electromagnetic fields, static electric fields, and static magnetic fields, such as those produced by industrial motors, MRIs, high voltage power lines, or broadcast antennas. The EMF exposure concern may be to employees, a specific employee with a biomedical implant, or sensitive scientific / industrial equipment.

Depending on the needs of the client, the following fields are measured:

AC 60 Hz Magnetic Fields: Magnetic fields generated by CURRENT running through the main electrical wiring in the building / facility and / or from concentrated point sources.

AC 60 Hz Electric Fields: Electric fields generated by VOLTAGE running through the main electrical wiring in the building or facility.

DC Magnetic Fields: There is always a DC magnetic field from the Earth that is typically 550 milliGauss (mG) but other equipment and the shaping of the geomagnetic field can alter the field density; even lower it in some cases.

Quasi-DC Fields: These are DC magnetic fields with time varying intensities, such as a DC motor under different loads.

RF / Microwave Radiation Fields: Radio frequency fields from wireless equipment and in some cases generated by arcing, welding activities, etc.

Anomalous readings and EMF field intensity levels of concern are noted, documented and investigated. Professional consultation is provided onsite and a written report given.


EMF Magnetic Electric Fields 60 Hz from High Voltage Lines

EMF (60 Hz Magnetic & Electric fields) from High Voltage Lines



EMF Survey: Commercial Consultation Process and Procedure


We have performed EMF and Radiation Surveys for clients in the following industries:



General Contractors & Construction Firms

Petrochemical including Refineries, Drilling Fields & Offshore Oil Rigs (both Upstream & Downstream)

Energy Production & Power Plants including High Voltage Electrical Lines & Substations

Engineering & Architectural Consulting Firms

Agricultural / Agrochemical

Automotive & Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

Government Agencies & Municipal / State  / County Entities

Aerospace & Defense

Semiconductor Fabrication / Manufacturing & Analysis

Pharmaceutical, Drug and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Manufacturing

Hospitals and other Health Care Facilities

Food & Beverage Production including Beer Breweries

Warehousing & Storage

Corporate Headquarters, Real Estate, Property Management  & Office Buildings

Financial & Insurance Companies

Nanotechnology Research & Manufacturing

Cosmetic Goods Production

Forensic & Environmental Laboratories

Educational Institutions & Schools

Cellular Networks & Telecommunication Firms


Client Companies Listed Here


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EMF / EMI / EMC Credentials, Education & Qualifications

B.S. Electrical Engineering / Specialization Minor in Nanoscience Technology
B.S. Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering (pending – University of Texas at Dallas)
Certificate in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology   (UTD School of Engineering and Computer Science)
Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene (Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine )
Certified Industrial Hygienist  Credential # 12082 CP  ABIH / BGC – American Board of Industrial Hygiene & Board of Global Credentialing


CSP (Certified Safety Professional) Accreditation Pending
A.S. Electronic Telecommunications
Certified Radio & Display Instrumentation Technician (Delco Electronics / Delphi)


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