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EMF Power Lines & Safe Distance for Protection – What is Wrong with this Picture?

WHAT IS A MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE FROM POWER LINES? 214.912.4691 Commercial Clients ONLY ScanTech DOES NOT perform residential testing OR consulting for homeowners / tenants – all services are COMMERCIAL ONLY HOMEOWNERS & RESIDENTIAL...

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How Much Is EMF Testing?: EMF Testing Cost Surveys & EMF Consultant Pricing Near You

How much is EMF testing / RF radiation consulting testing? Often this is the one of the first questions I get asked (particularly when I did residential testing up until Dec 2019) and the...


Amateur EMF Consultants: Are They Qualified to Test for EMF, “Electropollution” and “Dirty Electricity?”

Amateur EMF Consultants & Circular Self-Referencing Organizations Dispensing Accreditations or Certifications on EMF and “Electropollution” Expertise: A Flow of Consciousness Diatribe regarding Smart Meters, “Dirty Electricity”, Electropollution and other Contentious Subjects A phrase found...