EMI & Electromagnetic EMF Consulting / IAQ Testing Case Studies


Examples of various environmental scenarios in which ScanTech found a solution to an issue:


Houston Hospital: Mysterious Ultrasound Interference

Houston Children’s Hospital: Electrical Shocks Discharged to Patients

Oil Rigs off the coast of West Africa

Heavy Machinery Ventilation Issue that led to a Factory Redesign

Cleanroom Interference from a New Instrument

Nanotechnology: SEM 60 Hz Noise Issue

Diabetic Infusion Pump Failure due to ESD issues with packing material

Racetrack Charger Failure

Roanoke, TX – ScanTech was contacted by a Fortune 500 company to evaluate the safety and equipment interference levels of a switch room. While EMF was generally within all but the strictest suggested standards, it was found that RF levels would spike beyond OSHA recommended guidelines. Redesign and re-deployment of the network infrastructure is going forward.

Moon Kim “Nano & Beyond” in NSERL: Very interesting experience and got my hands dirty in the cleanroom and on a lot of nano-characterization / fabrication instruments


A North Dallas suburban home had elevated EMF (25 mG +) throughout several areas of the home and in the front yard? CAUSE: An improperly wired branch circuit that had been grounded to the sprinkler system.

In Carrollton, an expensive two story was built within 30 yards of some 500 kV lines. The resulting field throughout the home was 35 – 50 mG. Mitigation considered impractical.

Fort Worth, TX. – An improperly wired 3-way switch caused elevated EMF on a wall in a children’s playroom. Recommendation was to repair the wiring utilizing a knowledgeable electrician.

Allen, TX. – A biologist was concerned about cell towers in a neighborhood that her family was considering moving into. Findings: The cell tower was too remote to have any measurable effect on RF / microwave levels over ambient background.

Dallas, TX – A series of homes constructed by a conscientious builder next to a 230 kV power line who wanted to know what the EMF levels were. Amazingly, the EMF AC magnetic fields at the property lines generally did not exceed 2.0 mG. This is why you cannot tell what the magnitude / risk of EMF levels are by a simple visual inspection. (though I can now guess a reasonably close number based on doing thousands of surveys)