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EMF Meter Phone Apps – Do They Work and/or Indicate Dangerous Conditions and Health Risks?

  I was recently contacted by a commercial client who was concerned about purchasing office space in McKinney due to a number of factors: 1) The close proximity of some imposing high voltage powerlines...

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EMF & Powerlines – Are the Health and Safety Effects Worth it? A Dallas EMF Inspector’s View

High voltage powerlines, Smart Meters, the cell phone pressed up next to your head… are the effects on your body worth the risk? I am a professional EMF inspector who has been practicing here...

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EMF Biomedical Implant Surveys Indoor Air Quality Radon Gas Testing: 214.912.4691 Dallas – Houston – Austin – San Antonio – Fort Worth

* We are an Essential Industrial Health & Safety Business and still Operating Normally – Fully C19 Vaccinated * ScanTech does not perform residential testing for homeowners and tenants – all services are COMMERCIAL...