Nanotechnology Instruments Troubleshooting

Nanotechnology Instruments Troubleshooting


60 Hz Banding Scanning Electron Microscope EMI

60 Hz Banding Scanning Electron Microscope EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)


Since the advent of tools such as Scanning Electron Microscopes, (SEM) Transmission Scanning Microscopes (TEM) and Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and many other surface / materials characterization instruments, the ability to analyze and manipulate particles and structures at the nanoscale and atomic level has been greatly enhanced over the past 20 years.

However, these instruments often require special environments that are sound, vibration and electromagnetically compatible (as in a lack of EMI) as well as temperature and humidity controlled which makes them susceptible to subtle changes and incompatible equipment.

ScanTech has extensive experience with the following manufacturers:

Nanoscience Equipment Experience: FEI, Zeiss, Hitachi, Jeol, Rigaku, Gatan, Raith, Zyvex, Bruker / Veeco/ Nanoscope, Keithley, National Instruments, Hummingbird TEM Liquid Cell, Fischione, Denton Vacuum, XEI Scientific, Allied High Tech, South Bay Technology, Protochips, Zyvex Instruments, DGC, ThermoFisher Scientific.