Houston EMF Surveys & Testing – Texas

ScanTech offers Environmental Testing and Consulting for Houston, TX because of the large number of petrochemical facilities and refineries related to the oil industry. Also, they have an extensive hospital / medical complex which we have been honored to assist on many occasions. In addition, it is the seat of Travis County and the 4th largest city in the United States with a population of 2.31 Million+ not including the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area which includes League City, The Woodlands, Spring, TX. etc.

About ScanTech Technical Consulting

ScanTech offers Environmental Testing and Consulting for commercial and residential customers such as Air Quality Testing including formaldehyde, VOCs, ventilation, moisture issues, damage from water intrusion issues, odors, mold assessments, allergens and dust. EMF Power Lines Testing in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, Fort Worth metropolitan regions.

Pacemaker, ICD and heart device EMI Electromagnetic Interference surveys. ScanTech EMF Residential Inspector FCC RF antenna power compliance surveys and RFID consulting for Health and Safety as well as Equipment Interference from EMI. Noise level testing, acoustic and sound surveys for OSHA safety level compliance. Radiation and radioactive material testing and surveys for potentially contaminated imported stone, metal and scrap from China, Japan and oil fields. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) consulting for sensitive scientific and medical / biomedical equipment for hospitals and clinics.

EMF Surveys Dallas – Houston – Austin – San Antonio – Fort Worth: IAQ Radiation, Radon, ESD